Casting Call for Feature Films “1965” and “3688”

Dear all,

We are currently holding Casting & Auditions for 2 major Feature Films titled “1965” and “3688”.

Information on how to audition for the films can be found within the Casting Calls below (click on the links to download):



EXPERIENCED ACTORS & ACTRESSES, please see this link:


“1965” – Directed by Randy Ang

Daniel Yun: Homecoming 《笑回家》 I Not Stupid 《小孩不笨》 The Eye 《见鬼》The Maid 《女佣》881 《881》The Home Song Stories 《意》Painted Skin 《画皮》Turn Left, Turn Right 《向左走·向右走》 Protégé 《门徒》Infernal Affairs II 《无间道II》

Melvin Ang: The Lion Men 《狮神决战》Ah Boys to Men II 《新兵正传II》 Ah Boys to Men 《新兵 正传》 Greedy Ghost 《貪心鬼見鬼》 23:59 《23:59》Imperfect 《我們都不完美》We Not Naughty 《孩子不坏》

‘1965’ is a dramatic thriller that uses a piece of Singapore history like never before. Telling engaging and touching stories of immigrants and natives during the time leading up to the independence of Singapore. The protagonists were a part of history in the making, caught up in the throes of everyday life, made impossibly difficult by a country in turmoil, a society divided by racial violence. They become the pioneer generation who live to see beyond the prejudice and fear of racial hatred and ultimately face the challenge of nation building – a mirror reflecting the fragility of racial harmony in our world today. Leading casts include Qi Yuwu, Joanne Peh, Deanna Yusoff and Lim Kay Tong.


“3688” – Directed by Royston Tan

Royston Tan has collected over 60 awards, both locally and internationally. His film “881” was Singapore’s top grossing Asian film in 2007, and received a nomination for the 44th Golden Horse Awards. In recent years, Royston has decided to dedicate his time and craft into preserving the memories of Singaporeans by documenting the remaining old places in Singapore.

Feifei is a lenient parking attendant, or ‘summon auntie’. Unfortunately, her leniency towards errant drivers puts her at loggerheads with her colleagues.
Meanwhile, Feifei’s father is diagnosed with dementia, just as she loses her job. She struggles with caring for her father, paying for his rising medical expenses and finding a new job. Seeing an ad for a
National Singing Competition, Feifei decides to revive her singing ambitions.


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