Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Talent Management Agency?
The People Studio is committed to providing a reliable and ethical platform for aspiring Models, Actors and Talents who is looking to experience first hand, on what it takes to be in the industry. We do our utmost best to not burden you with unnecessary “signing” costs or “hidden” fees. That is why we would like to take this opportunity to share with you in greater detail, on the various procedures in place for being part of our Agency.

How Do I Apply to be a Model, Actor or Talent?
Simply fill up our particulars form at Particular Form

Upon submission, drop us an email with your photos:

1x Close up photo (shoulder and above)
1x mid body shot (chest and above)
1 x full body shot (Head to toe)

Remember to subject the email with [Your Name]_Be a model
(Make sure we can see your face in the photos! No side views or any sunglasses/caps covering your face)

We will go through your profile and contact you if you are shortlisted!

What if I have no experience in modelling, Acting or Hosting??
Fret not as you have come to the right place! Our Agency is also committed to individuals such as yourself who are fresh faced, have no prior (or very little) experience, but would like to have a go in the industry.

Do I need to pay to be a Model, Actor or Talent?
The answer is NO. If you have prior experience have have a set of portfolio photos, we will create your profile under our agency. However if you have no prior experience, we are able to produce a portfolio (photos and videos) for you at minimal cost to help develop your acting or modelling career!

Does joining The People Studio affect my work outside?
If your work is non-media related, then it will NOT be affected. If you are a freelance Model/Actor/Talent and you still wish to source for your own projects, then you may choose to join us on a non-exclusive basis.

What if I am a foreigner based in Singapore?
We do accept foreign Models and Actors for ad-hoc projects as well. Do set up a meeting with us so we can get to know you better! Please note that you must be based in Singapore for at least 6 months for us to sign you on.

Do I have to do swimwear/underwear/nude shoots?
Any project that we find for you, is completely up to YOU to accept or reject. There are no obligations to do any project whatsoever. However, those below the age of 21 will require explicit parental consent.